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Unlocking the basic decks...


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Hey guys


I think I have found a bug with deck unlocks in the trainer mode but I would love some clarification from the community to see if i'm going insane.


Before the new multiplayer came online, I decided to brush up on my skills, I played a lot of basic Red and basic Green. I unlocked all the upgrades for both Red and Green, and then the update came. So obviously we all know your presented with a basic Yellow deck, and I assumed that was it, untill I hear my friends unlocking the other decks used in trainer mode for online play.


So I posted online and I have heard two methods, one was to beat the gold league using a deck and the other was to beat 7 opponents using the deck... I',ve done all of the gold league with the basic Red and have 17 wins with the deck. I decided to start using the Blue deck for the first time to see where this trigger point really was, and this is where my NEW THEORY comes in.


The game needs a trigger point in order to establish whether or not a player has acumulated enough wins, but I propose that trigger is actually linked with the deck unlocks. Somehow my basic Blue stats are 5 wins, 7 unlocks and is available for multiplayer madness.


Im thoroughly confused, but I can only assume that because I did trainer challenges BEFORE the update, some trigger has not been hit on my account and has, for all intents and purpose, gone past it.


Has anyone else had this problem, or am I missing something here?


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i have absolutly the same problem. I played 5 times with the blue deck and unlock it with the 7 match. But the others are locked ( Red Deck 34/34 wins.... and nothing happens)




I'm from Germany and here is the "answer" from my german post




Servus Community,


Leider ist nach der Update das Bonus für Durchspielung mit einem Basis Deck nicht verfügbar.


Es kann sein, das diese Decks eventuell wieder bei der Sammlung geben werden, aber bis dann verzeihen wir uns für alle Unannehmlichkeiten.






Chilaquile Mod




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Thanks for the reply Stocki68,


I dont speak german but from what google translate tells me




"Unfortunately, after the update is for the bonus by dubbing with a basic cover is not available.


It may be that these decks may be again in the collection, but until then we will forgive us for any inconvenience."




Am I right in thinking that this basically means, they know it's an issue, but it doesnt look like it will be fixed any time soon? It's really annoying as I know I could just go and make a new account and get them and use that account, but I shouldn't have to:( I even went out and bought some booster packs so now I have codes linked to my account. :(


I hope this gets sorted:(


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I did notice that. I was wondering how did I unlock the Leaf deck. But I don't get it. Are those decks going to be available later on for free? or are they going to to be available IF we beat the bots and IF they fix the glitch. I'm confused!


I hurt myself in my confusion lol


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