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A temporary solution for Mac users.


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Hi everyone, now that the new game has released and no mac version is yet available, I guessed it was a good idea to write a post for mac users.


I am a mac user, and I am currently able to play the new version of the game using Wine (I am not sure but this should also work in linux).


So to all Mac users arround here that would love to try the game, I suggest that you download Wine Winery.


Then download the latest engine from the winery, and use that engine to generate an empty bottle (name it Pokemon for instance).


Download the windows installer and install it in the newley created bottle. I suggest that you install the game in a directly inside the bottle such as c:\Pokemon instead of the default directory. After the instalation is complete, tell the installer *NOT* to run the game imediatly. Go to the bottle, double click, selected advanced, and in the run, select the .exe that the installer just created.


Close the wine window, and double click the bottle. The game should start in a few seconds.


I hope this can be useful to Mac users in the community.






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