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Dark Explorers decks missing from Collection

Awfully Bad

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I redeemed the deck codes back when you could still play via web browser, and I was able to use them in Trainer Challenge. Then we were supposed to wait until this 'new PvP' came out before we could use them in Multiplayer, etc.


Well, now I'm having issues where the decks appear in Trainer Challenge but not in my Collection. This is a problem because I'd like to use these cards when constructing my own decks.


Unforunately, I cannot send in a support ticket because support keeps returning an error whenever I try to 'Ask a Question.'


Here's the process:


  • I click 'Ask a Question'
  • I am taken to the 'Support Portal Redirect' (I am logged into the Trainer Club as I do this, by the way)
  • Then it takes me to an error page that says:
    Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable... trying to reconnect. Thank you for your patience.
    You may navigate away or click here to go back.
    Error ID #: b52b4f48-62b3-4c69-b36a-1abaaa13e946
  • And it has been doing this since I tried yesterday.

I hope I provided enough information. If you need anything else, just let me know.


Thank you for your help.




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Try beating however many trainers in the trainer challenge required to unlock all extra cards and the deck should show up in your collection. Worked with my Power Relay.


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