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Is there away combine foils, reverse foils and promo of the same card like in the old browser. i'll be an old man about time i get through the 2-3 versions of each card ?


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Hey StarFOXer!


I'm not quite sure of the function you are referring to. If you could provide me with more details on the function and I would be more than happy to investigate for you!




Professor Watermelon



"There is no knowledge that is not Power"


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Yer, it kinda of hard to explain but here we go.




For example if i have multiple versions of the same card, eg zorua blw


In the deck builder it appears as




reverse foil


promo aka theme deck




so when look at my card list, there are three seprate versions of the same card




In the old browser there was a button that stacked the normal and the reverse foils as 1




hope this is clearer






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