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Can i please keep this mistake?


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This is the exact list of cards that DID NOT come from booster packsbut are in my card collection. (easy to check for me since i only bought dragons exalted and dark explorers packs, so all others should be 0):


Heartgold soul and silver:


2 growlithe


1 arcanine


4 jigglypuff


3 wigglytuff


6 chansey


2 blissey


8 mareep


6 flaaffy


4 ampharos


3 vulpix


3 chikorita


3 bayleaf


1 meganium


4 totodile


3 croconaw


1 feraligator


4 cyndaquil


3 quilava


3 typhlosion


3 caterpie


2 metapod


1 butterfree


3 hoothoot


8 bill


4 copycat


2 fisherman


2 full heal


1 poke ball


6 professor elm's training method


2 professor oak's new theory


4 switch


HS unleashed:


3 magmar


1 magmortar


1 ninetales


2 teddiursa


1 ursaring


3 turtwig


2 grotle


1 torterra


3 squirtle


2 wartortle


1 blastoise


6 chinchou


2 lantern


4 horsea


2 seadra


1 kingdra


2 dual ball


2 energy returner


6 engineer's adjustments


8 interviewer's questions


2 pluspower


HS undaunted:


8 pikachu


6 raichu


6 eevee


2 flareon


3 vaporeon


3 rattata


2 raticate


8 togepi


4 togetic


2 togekiss


1 burned tower


Black and White:


3 pluspower


2 pokemon communication


9 potion


2 professor juniper


2 revive


2 bouffalant


3 pidove


2 tranquill


Black and white: emerging powers:


3 emolga


2 cheren


Black and white: noble victories:


3 axew


2 fraxure


1 haxorus


3 tynamo


2 elektrik


Black and white: next destinies:


3 pikachu


2 raichu


2 cilan


So this should be the cards from the basic blue / basic green / basic red / power relay decks.


EDIT: apparantly there is a fifth deck, but it is not for trainer challenges, it is the basic yellow deck. And after removing all cards from the five decks from the cards above i have these left:





Heartgold soul and silver:


3 chansey


1 blissey


4 mareep


3 flaaffy


2 ampharos


1 typhlosion


HS unleashed:


3 chinchou


1 lantern


HS undaunted:


4 pikachu


3 raichu


4 togepi


2 togetic


1 togekiss


2 bill


2 professor elm's training method


2 switch


1 energy returner


2 engineer's adjustments


2 interviewer's questions


But the weird thing is, if i deduct the basic yellow deck from this AGAIN, so a second time, i get:



Heartgold soul and silver:


1 typhlosion


So it looks like after you win 12 matches with the basic blue / basic red / basic green deck, you unlock those three also for non-trainer battles. And additionally you get a free basic yellow deck too for non-trainer battles. But it looks like they made a mistake and gave the the basic yellow deck twice. Since that is exactly what is left after deducting all packs. Besides a third typlosion. (I triple checked, basic red deck has two typlosions and i really have three of them while i never bought a booster pack from Heartgold Soul and Silver)


So please professors, can i keep this extra deck and spare typlosion. Instead of fixing the bug and deducting the cards from me and all other people that have this bug now. It is hard enough already to get new cards and when trading system comes up I can trade them away and get some new cards...


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You are very lucky for this to have happened.....



Yeah, lucky this time... but lost heavily in the past.


They screwed me over during closed beta testing phase where everyone would get 40 packs for free as soon as you redeemed at least 1 code.


But this information was nowhere to be found, hidden in a super tiny corner of the page source maybe. >.< I still do not like them for doing that.


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Basic red on TCGO has 3 typhlosions after all the unlocks (or at least it did; I haven't bothered to play through the trainer challenge a second time around now that you don't get anything for doing so). So there is no inconsistency.


It was very nice of them to give out a second basic yellow; I'm pretty sure everybody got this (I did).




I hope these cards will be tradeable, but last time around they weren't, even the copies over 4 of a kind.




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Basic red on TCGO has 3 typhlosions after all the unlocks


Are you sure? My basic red has (29 pokemon total), that is including all unlocks:


4 cyndaquil


3 quilava


2 typhlosion


3 magmar


1 magmortar


3 rattata


1 raticate


2 growlithe


1 arcanine


3 eevee


2 flareon


3 vulpix


1 ninetales


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Are you sure?






The list may have been changed in the meantime, but when it was unlockable for your collection, it gave you 3 typhlosions. Also, it's 2 raticate. :P




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It's indeed like that. Trainer Challenge has 2 additional Fire Energy, while TCGO deck has 2 additional Typhlosion (making it 3). There are quite some changes between Trainer Challenge and TCGO decks (even with purchased decks there are changes, unfortunately). So, seems you indeed got Basic Yellow twice, with nothing else you shouldn't have.




But it could be things changed again. Unfortunately I can't check, as due to some improper collection migration I don't have the theme decks to choose from (perhaps I do have the cards, but since I don't remember my card collection by the quantity, I don't know). Haven't been able to sort that out with support yet, as support doesn't work yet.


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