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Anyone Interested In Trading? (When it's available, of course)


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After opening nearly two boxes worth of Dragons Exalted trying to pull enough to build Gartaria, I managed to pull a playset of Hydreigon and only 1 of the good Garchomp. I was wondering if anybody was interested in trading.


I also pulled 2 FA Giratina EX


1 regular Giratina EX


1 Terrakion EX


1 FA Mew EX




1 FA Ho-Oh EX that I'm willing to part with.




At this time I'm mostly looking for other EX's (obviously Mewtwo and/or Darkrai) Double Colorless Energies, and a SLEW of staple Trainers including Random Receiver, N, Rare Candy, Pokemon Catcher (only pulled 1), Eviolites, and Pluspowers. I know trading isn't available yet, but I figured I would post this now just in case.




Thanks! And good luck to everyone cracking open their imaginary packs!


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