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Notes for Build


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Trainer Challenge


  • Trainer Challenge stats now appear for each deck. You can now see your progress against each opponent as well as how many unlocks you’ve achieved!
  • Black & White—Dragons Exalted theme decks, Dragon Speed and Dragon Snarl, have been added to the Trainer Challenge.

Versus Mode


  • Player vs. Player mode enabled! You can choose to join the Novice or Expert queues to battle against other players.
  • Practice Battle mode enabled! You can choose Beginner, Intermediate, Hard, or Expert mode to battle against the AI.
  • Friend Challenge mode enabled! Get in some games against your friends when both of you are online.



  • View your achievements! You can see all of the achievements you’ve earned and all of the achievements in the game from your Profile screen.
  • Game Stats and Collection Stats show you what you’ve accomplished in the game.



  • You can now look at your full collection in the game!
  • View your collection in three different ways: carousel, tile, or list view.
  • Sorting, filtering, zooming, tagging, and other features are available in collection!

Deck Builder


  • Now that you can play in versus mode, you can also build custom decks from your collection!
  • Create, save, edit, and clone your decks for use in the game.
  • Create decks quickly with the Deck Wizard. Select up to two Pokémon and the Deck Wizard will do the rest. You can even edit your new deck before saving.
  • Add coins and deck boxes to each of your decks when you save them.



  • Unlock items using tokens or booster credits in the shop.

    • All HeartGold & SoulSilver series, Call of Legends and Black & White series boosters are available, including Black & White—Dragons Exalted!



    [*]You can now redeem codes in the shop as well!



Friends & Chat


  • Send friend requests to other players to build up your friend list!
  • Public and Private chat enabled! Chat with other players about strategy, decks, or fun Pokémon topics!
  • Additionally, canned chat and emoticons are available for use.

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