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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online


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Hello all,


Everybody see waht happend with the game Multiplayer Got Turn off


then we got a Server problem but that is not a reason to be in trouble!


All here had wait Chatt and trade to get his Deck finisht.....


But we have waited for Multiplayer FOr Dark explorers And Dragon Ehxalted And For anything other!!!


Now i will say Thanks Professors for the Help and for the Game when the professors not were here in the forums


how many peopel had then got Problem's for the newcommer is that then a way to trouble!


But they Help all players here...


I say only Thanks Professors for the Help....


Now we see Tournaments on the Forums they want to start At release for Multiplayer


now please peopel say me why we have wait and trade and chatting???




Because we wanted to get the Deck finisht...


And chatt???


That's too a Help to ge tthe Deck finsiht but Now please say to me


what is wrong on my Text i said all waht is right....


But please don't Forgot!


Happy Gameing And i want that everybody see that wroting and say at a comment


Thanks Proffesor for the Helping that is what i want...




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i just want a darkrai ex and a groudon ex. to make a deck. annd could someone help me to get my cards i need.ill give packs



waht the..... i wanted that everybody say thanks for help professors and everybody think only on trading black heart have everybody päh


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