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need help with my deck


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my deck is havind problems because i have many pokemons and energies


deck:lightning and water


i have : EX: 4 regi ex, 4 kyurem ex,4 zekrom ex


other pokes legendaries water : 4 articuno, 3 kyurems,1 palkia


other pokes legendaries light: 4 zekroms, 1 thundurus, 3 zapdos


legends: raikou suicune legend 2 times full


the others pokemons light: luxary line(1 luxary only), zebstrika line, galdvantula line, and others i dont remember


the others pokes water:samurott line(samurott have 2 not A 2 A), ducklett line, slowpoke line, basculin all types, beatric line and others i dont remenber


special energies: 4 DCEs, 4 rainbow enegies


items and supporters: 2 cheren, 1 juniper , 1 switch,1 candy, 1 retriveal, 2 cilan, 1 battle city,1 poke center,1 skyarrow city




PS:if u are nice can u give me items and supporters? and im trading terra fa and gothitelle (A) for 1 fa ex kyogre, raikou, tornados and hooh, and 1 ex kyogre, raikou,tornados and hooh


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