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my cards for trade and wanteds


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best cards for trade:


1 kyurem ex :i have 5 trading 1 of them can be FA promo or not


1 terrakion fa


1 rare candy


1 credit


1 victini not fa nv


12 energies grass BW


6 energies fire BW


2 cobalion nv


1 terrakion sacred sword


2 zekroms regulars


1 regi ex and zekrom ex: only for a good trade


reshiram regular


reshiram ex not promo


gothitele (A)


1 palkia


and the others are uncomons comons and foils






LF:catchers credits(must be credits or DEX packs) raikou ex fa and not(2-3), kyogre ex fa(2-3) and not, tornados ex fa and not(2-3) gold catcher . latios and latias(1), hoho ex fa(2-3) or not and blend energy water light steel ...(3-4)


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