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Pokemon TCG Videogames


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I have to say those games were really amazing and part of reason why I am here.


It was like the original games but with cards , had music that surpassed main series(well opinion), and its own charm but somehow ended up series not known to many.


I feel that the series itself has a lot of potential.


A Sequel could add :


- New Story (Would get to see the Memorable characters again like Mark , Ronald , and Mint.)


- Lots of Cards to play with(without the need of excessive booster codes and doesn't kill the wallet and has portability.) (Could be digital title for 3ds/Wii U that you can play against each other on different devices.) (Wii U itself has interesting features that would be nice for series like being able to play the card parts like a tablet game in comfort of your own home and other neat features that could be added and being in more than one place could only help the series.)


-Perks/Challenges(feature in second game)You would have to build deck around the rules are given to you by npc that added more than just you battling past opponents and to get a little creative.)


Modes :


-Challenge/Event mode(would be neat to give it more of presence with a little more with more event like things like you have to use premade decks for some challenges.) (Also playing this mode would Unlock cards in game for your use.)(An example of event would be like Premade Zekrom VS Reshiram battle with you wielding some Zekrom deck trying to beat NPC with Reshiram deck.)


-Tournament mode (in the older games you could tackle on tournament against npcs but it was only possible at certain times.It would be nice to be able to do it more freely and even host your own local and online with friends.)(Prizes for winning would be rare cards like how in older games it would get land you mewtwo , mew , and etc.)


-Multiplayer Mode (We could connect online into arena like room and walk around with character ,talk via voice chat or by typing it with text and challenge friends to matches have ability to view friends playing.And for people that don't care for such features there would be standard matchmaking features like just joining regular battles without that and even joining random matches.)




Anyway , what is your opinion on series itself and would you like to see another game happen?


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