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Heylo, I'm new and need help, if you could loan advice.


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Heylo there,


Well, I just got back into Pokemon a couple days back and now I'm hooked. I was wondering what kind(s) of deck should I attempt to build. I moreso want to try and build for competetive play. At the current moment I kind of am lost with all the new things that have been added such as "EX", "Lv.X", and whatnot, whatever was not in the first series of Pokemon.


So if you have ideas of any decks that I can aim for a build, I'd be extremely happy. If you could leave like the prime card names of the deck or a spoiling decklist or something to help me get started.


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Welcome to the site! Currently we are going into a rotation (Not confirmed, but very likely), so cards from the HeartGold SoulSilver series will be rotated out (Still playable in an unlimited format). If you want a deck that you can play competitively it's best to get cards from the Black and White series onwards. Things like Primes and Lv. Xs are in the unlimited format, primes are obtainable online but Lv. Xs are not. Lv. Xs are not available online at all.




Your best bet is to read and learn about the metagame from websites based around the TCG. I won't cite any websites but you can google some of these decks such as ZekEels, Hammertime (One of the many Darkrai Variants), Garchomp Altaria, Rayquaza Eels/Emboar, and etc. We have a delay on Dark Explorers and Dragons Exalted which are the newest sets, so we have to work with cards from Heart Gold Soul Silver - Next Destinies. This is my build of ZekEels that would have been legal when PvP was still online.




Pokemon (14):


1 Shaymin UL


2 Thundurus


2 Zekrom


4 Tynamo


3 Eelektrik


2 Mewtwo EX




Trainers/Supporters (34):


3 Dual Ball


4 Junk Arm


2 Level ball


2 Pluspower


2 Pokegear 3.0


4 Pokemon Catcher


2 Pokemon Communication


1 Super rod


2 Switch


2 Eviolite


2 N


4 Professor Juniper


4 Professor Oak


Energy (12):


2 Double Colorless


10 Lightning Energy


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Why do you have to advertise your thread in other people's? Not contributing anything to help the OP.


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