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Dark deck


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heres the list:


1 Shaymin UL


4-2-4 Hydregion(i only have 2 zwellious. Would make it a 3-3-3 but don't have any trainers)


4-4-4 tyranitar prime


3-2 Zoroark FP


1 Cleffa


1 Energy Exchanger


1 Heavy Ball


1 Level Ball


2 Max potion


4 P com


4 candy


1 Oak


1 Flower Shop


3 Collector


3 N


4 Sp Dark




and a whopping 2 Dark energy.


What pokes should I take out, how much energy, and what trainers? (btw ill trade packs for the trainers)


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The big problem with this deck is that there is 2 stage 2 pokemon lines which makes the deck not very consistent. :/ I would say making whichever stage 2 line bigger then the other. If Hydreigon is your late game attacker probably should make his line smaller just for the room. You won't get a Hydreigon late game anyways, your resources should be directed at getting a T-tar out. My build I came up with based on your's is a lot different but I tried to aim for more consistency. I couldn't find room for a pokegear though. I dropped Zoroark just for the fighting resistance with Tornadus, you can move the DCE on Tornadus with shaymin later on or super scoop him up when he's about to go down. I only had 1 T-tar prime on hand since I only have 1 of each prime for collection.






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1 Shaymin UL


1 Manaphy


3-1-2 Hydreigon


2 Tornadus


4-2-3 Tyranitar Prime






1 Energy Exchange


4 Junk Arm


4 Pokemon Communication


4 Rare Candy


1 Super Rod


2 Super Scoop Up


2 Switch


4 N


3 Pokemon Collector


4 Professor Oak






4 Special Darkness Energy


4 Double Colorless Energy


4 Darkness Energy


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I made similar dark deck for fun.






Pokémon (18):


4x Absol Prime


2-1-2 Tyranitar Prime


2-1-2 Hydregion


2 Vullaby (EPO) - 2 Mandibuzz (BW)




Items (16):


4x Junk Arm


2x Pokégear


3x Pokémon communication


3x Rare candy


1x Super rod


3x Switch




Supporters (12):


2x Twins


2x Pokémon collector


2x N


2x Juniper






Energy (14):


4x DCI


4x special Darkness e.


4x dark e.






Strategy: start with Absol, survieve until you get tyranitar or hydregion for spread dmg, finish with Mundibuzz if needed. Easy and fun, but not for turnament :)


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