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Need cards, trading packs


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i got a LOT of money from my grandparents, so Im gonna buy a lot of tcgo codes. Heres my list:


4 tyranitar 4 mewtwo 4 Terrakion FA 4 Hydregion normal 4 mandibuzz BW 4 Max potion 4 catcher 2 latias 2 latios (preferably with lines)


Looking to preorder these:


4 Accelgor DEX 4 Empoleon 3 Blaziken 3 Volcarona 4 Darkrai 3 Zoroark 3 Tornadus 4 Dark Patch/claw (all dex)


from Dragon blast:


3 ninetails 4 mew ex 3 terrakion ex 4 altaria 2 rayquaza ex 4 garchomp mach cut 2 hydregion abiilty


4 beutifly 3 Wailord 2 drifblim 3 Devolution spray 4xboth blend energy 4 reuniclus 4 ninjask 3 walrein 4 manetric 4 shedninja 2 boufalant 4 tool scraper and 4 big cloaks.


i have some good cards too, so ask


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packs or codes?



packs when the new sets come out unless you want to settle on some of these cards before then


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