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I have downloaded the game a few days ago, and i have beaten all three leagues in Trainer Challenge, but i cant play against other players. I also cannot access Deck Builder or My Collection. Do I have to reedem a code for multiplayer ?


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Hi there filipcro!


Welcome to Pokémon TCG Online! Answers I have.


At the moment, there is no multiplayer aspect to the game as it's being rebuilt but don't worry, it will come back soon. It's supposed to return to us all bright and shiny in late summer.


As for accessing your Collection and Deck Builder, you can get to them either by clicking "Shop" » "Continue to TCGO" or by navigating to http://www.pokemontcg.com/tcgo.


Either way, you should be able to load up the lobby. Though the Multiplayer is down, there are still some fun features available like honing your skills with your custom decks versus the AI or chatting and trading with friends.


I hope that answered your questions!













y're always there."


Need to sumbit a Support Ticket? You can by navigating to support.pokemon.com and clicking Ask a Question!


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