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My First Try At Making a Competitive Team!


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I've never been into competitive battling much, but I thought I'd try to make one in my Ruby game.Here is what I was thinking:


Sp. Sweeper- Gardevoir @ Quick Claw: Synchronize (Modest)


  • Psychic
  • Calm Mind
  • Thunderbolt
  • Hypnosis/Light Screen

I was thinking of using a hypnosis and dream eater combo, but i think this works too.


Phys. Sweeper- Heracross @ Shell Bell: Guts (Adamant/Jolly)


  • Brick Break
  • Earthquake
  • Megahorn
  • Bulk Up/ Facade

I would get swords dance, but i can't :(


Sp. Wall- Milotic- @ Leftovers: Marvel Scale (Calm/Modest)


  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Toxic
  • Recover

If I have enough patience to find a Feebas, this could work. If I don't have the patience, I may use Walrein, Swampert, or Lanturn.


I was thinking Skarmory as a physical wall with spikes and roar, or an Aggron (Rock Head) with Double Edge, Surf, Iron Defense, and Rest.


For the other 2 spots I was thinking of running sunny day with Ninetales, using overheat, and then switching to sceptile. Sceptile can use Solar Beam or maybe Giga Drain if its health is low. I know Salamence has really good stats too, so I'm considering him.


Please leave feedback and don't worry if you are harsh. Thanks






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It's not that "almost no one" plays Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, but the only thing is that it isn't competitive since there are newer games coming out (in addition to its wi-fi incability).


You can still use those Pokemon "competitively," but you should transfer them if you want them to be of any use besides using them against friends.


To comment on the Pokemon themselves:


Gardevoir-You should probably go with Timid for an increase in Speed. Calm Mind already boosts your Sp. Atk (and Sp. Def) so it doesn't help much. Trace is a much better Ability than Synchronize because you can switch into Levitate Pokemon, gaining an immunity to Ground. As for moves, definitely go with Hypnosis. It will allow you to get a Pokemon asleep and set up. You might want to go with Leftovers on Gardevoir, though.


Heracross-Nice! Use Bulk Up for sure since you can't use Swords Dance.


Milotic-Good job! Toxic-stalling, I see.


As for teammates, you might want to use a rain team, benefitting, Heracross and Milotic. If you choose to do so, I'd go with Ludicolo (Rain Dish), Kyogre (Drizzle), and Kabutops (Swift Swim). So with this, you have another physical attacker who is really fast, a guy who automatically sets up rain, and a Pokemon who can stall or sweep, your choice.


Gardevoir should be switched out if you are going to choose Rain, possibly for Lanturn with its Volt Absorb ability.


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May I make a suggestion for Heracross? Since it has Guts, its Attack gets boosted if it has a status problem. Have him hold a Toxic or Flame Orb to burn or poison him, and you'll be sweeping your foe's team one by one.


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I was doing this mainly for nostalgia and practice purposes. I like he rain team idea. I can get a ludicolo and possibly a kabutops, but nevera kyogre. Maybe i could use a swampert.. I like the idea of a flame orb on heracross. Thanks guys!


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