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Lit's Tourny- Let's Go Monotone, or type!

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Metus! Where art thou?



I'm here now. But I don't think I have your FC..


EDIT: And as soon as I'm here, Lit's gone... >_<.


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fact: the battle is always fun until someone uses outrage wink_smile.png


why can't i go a battle without someone using that.


oh well i lost.


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So I have to battle Jay? Alright, even though he's in the UK we should still be able to find some time to battle (I hope), especially since tomorrow's Saturday.


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dont worry im out of this compitition now... everyone is getting confused and coming on on different times. i will forfit if it helps you lit...


all im looking for now is a simple 6 on 6 battle with the team you have for this compitition just for a good old laugh... and see if i can actually with a grass team,lol


so anyone up for it...


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I should be able to battle anytime tomorrow, so dont forfeit just yet. Also, I'd also like to test my team out against anyone who's willing to battle outside of the tourney, so if you're up for a game, just say so.


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