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question from a newbie


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hello, i just downloaded this game a day ago, and i finished battling all the computer players.




what happens next? what do i do? how do i unlock those things above? and is it possible to battle human players?






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Hey gerese!


Although the game isn't finished yet and things are still on the way one thing that you can do after defeating the trainer challenge is play through it again!


You may have noticed while playing that you unlocked a new card for your deck every time you defeated an opponent. Make sure that you play through games with all your decks in order to unlock all of the cards in each deck. Once you have run out of cards to unlock in the current decks you have you might want to head out to the store and pick up another theme deck to play with in the trainer challenge.


I hope this will give you something to do while we work to bring more features of the game online in the coming months!


Thanks for playing!


Prof Steel


Forum Mod



"Too Big Too Strong Too Fast Too Good!"


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thanks for the links




this is my first time visiting here, and reading many stuffs... i'll do what you suggested, thanks


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