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Couple questions from Newb --appreciate any help


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Do most of you buy the actual booster packs and get the codes that way, or just buy the codes online? Was looking at Ebay, prices seemed fair. I apologize if this information is available elsewhere. Basically, what I was wondering was 1. Do each of the codes you get in a regular booster pack unlock a virtual booster pack? 2. If you redeem one of these type codes, can you pick the booster series you want, even if it doesnt match the series you got the code from? 3. I know they are revamping the trainer challenge right now and that we currently cant play against each other, only the CPU. This is going to be unlocked eventually tho right? I guess I dont want to invest $$$ into getting virtual cards unless I know for certain that I will be using them. 4. Will we be able to use are virtual cards in the actual game, or just the pvp?




Also, is there a list somewhere that displays all the available cards you can unlock online? Would appreciate any info. Thanks all!


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4-they can be used in any online feature for this site only.





Cool man, thanks!


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