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Mew Prime


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3x Mew Prime


2x Gengar Prime




1x Kyurem EX


1x Luxio PROMO Foil


2x Reshyram (Next Destinies)


3x Zekrom (Next Destinies)


1x Lucario (Next Destinies) Foil


1x Leavanny (Noble victories)


2x Accelgor (Noble Victories) one of them is foil


1x Liligalant (Noble Victories)


1x Pinsir (Next Destinies)


1x Arcanine (Next Destinies) the one with PokePower Blazing Mane


1x Beartic (Next Destinies)


1x Beartic (Emerging Powers)


2x Luxray (1 foil, and 1 non foil) (Next Destinies)


1x Muk (Next Destinies)


1x Musharna (Next Destinies)


1x Volcarona (Noble Victories)


Others: Hippowdon, Togekiss, Blissey, Lanturn...




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