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Mewtwo EX/ Emboar Deck Ideas (Made it for after card rotation)


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Pokemon 25


1 Mewtwo EX


2 Virizion (Double Draw)


2-1-2 Venusaur (Floral Scent)


2-1-2 Reuniclus (Damage Swap)


2-1-2 Serperior (Royal Heal)


1-1 Blissey (SoftBoiled)


2-1-2 Emboar (Inferno Fandengo)


Trainer/ Suppoter 21


2 N


2 Cheren


2 Bianca


2 Switch


3 Pokemon Communication


2 Heavy Ball


2 Level Ball


1 Skyarrow Bridge


3 Rare Candy


2 EXP Share


14 Fire Energy


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Your deck has 4 stage 2 Pokemon, so you are making setup a challenge. Focus on your main lines, like Emboar, and emphasize them. I don't think you really need Serperior - you can just run a few Seeker instead. You should also add more Mewtwo, because it will be your main attacker.


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Thats the reason for my rare candies, if i get the basic and the stage 2 and a rare candy i can level it up, and with serperior i wont worry about my other pokemon getting catchered up and defeated (example Serperior)


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This just won't work at all.


4 Stage 2s will never suceed in a competetive environment unless it establishes some kind of unbreakable lock.


Like Metagross said, you have to focus on your main focus of the deck. Pretty much everything here will be Catcher killed by Darkrai, Mewtwo and Tornadus. Serperior Reuniclus doesn't even work without Vileplume anyway and that has to be a separate deck.


Also, 1 Mewtwo EX won't do a thing. Sure, you could kill something, but because you stack loads of Energy on him, I can easily kill your Mewtwo with my own and a DCE. Who do you attack with then?


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