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request a rap


and rate the ones i posted


rap about:




this was my first rap


shaymin rap




its all about the one an only




the one whos never phony








thats the one now lets begin




shaymin is a grass type that cleans the air




it touches gracidea now it can bear




shaymin sky forme is the one to see




it makes me wanna makes me wanna scream




its all about shaymin




the one and only shaymin




smallest legendary in lande forme




smallest pokemon cept foor




joltik thats right




izall about shaymin my favorite pokemon




tell me whatcha think come on






thx for reading




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lucarios so cool


tho he may sound like a fool


with his aura sphere


makes you wanna peer


at his awesome power


he makes u wnna cower


with those energy balls


makes you eel so smalls






thats what its all about




sorry if its not great but i love it


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samurott rap


samurott thats what i said


the pokemon with a shell on his head


no need to worry with him in charge


cause he is quite very large






go go




evolution of dewott


makes me say whaat


how could a little thing like that


become so large just like that


samurotts awesome that you know


now its time for this rap to go










hope u like




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kyrem rap


kyurems a ice and dragon type


with moves like blizzard he'll fight fight fight


the only ice dragon is so cool you see


has the highest attack so you will be


able to beat all the rest easily


when black n white 2 come on out


he'll be even stronger no need to doubt


with black and white 2 he'll neva lose


because he so strong whih game will u choose




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