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How to beat EX's


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<h3 id="Shaymin-EX5" class="articleHeader">Shaymin-EX</h3>

Synthesis-It only allows one energy to be searched and attached so it can waste a turn and really make a bust for it's small Hp.


Revenge Blast-Pretty good for taking revenge after your opponent knocks out your EX card with only two energy but, a Attack like Iron Breaker or Sheer Cold and KO' it easy.


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<h3 id="Reshiram-EX22" class="articleHeader">Reshiram-EX</h3>

Glinting Claw-If you get tails then only 50 damage for three whole energy. If heads then 70 damage but, most attacks already do 70 damage for three energy.


Brave Flare-It needs four energy so it can get KO'd once it charges up for this attack or when it takes 50 damage to it's self when it get's tails.


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<div class="fpoTestCard">

<h3 id="Zekrom-EX51" class="articleHeader">Zekrom-EX</h3>


Glinting Claw-If you get tails then it only does 50 damage for a total of three energy. If heads then 70 damage but, most attacks already do 70 damage or more with three energy.


Strong Volt-It needs four energy so it well only have about 50 hp left when it uses this attack. It does 150 damage so that well be the end of the active Pokemon but, if you get tails you discard two energy on Zekrom. Even if you get heads the next Pokemon well knock it out Zekrom


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<h3 id="Kyurem-EX38" class="articleHeader">Kyurem-EX</h3>

Frozen Wings-It needs three whole energy for just a 60 damage attack, Ouch! It does Discard a special energy but, most decks do not even use special energy.


Hail Blizzard-It needs four whole energy so it well have about 50 left. It does 120 damage but, you can't use this move the following turn. Cobalion's Iron breaker well be a easy sweep on Kyurem.


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<h3 id="Mewtwo-EX54" class="articleHeader">Mewtwo-EX</h3>

X-Ball-It needs two energy that can be done in one turn with DCE but it well be usless if you add energy to your bench Pokemon and your active Pokemon is stell type. I think this is very hard to beat but, Scolipede's Poison Claws can KO' it when you are attaching energy to your bench Pokemon. Zekeels can also beat Mewtwo by discarding then attaching.


Psydrive-It does 120 damage and makes Mewtwo discard an energy. Mewtwo's X-Ball needs energy for a more powerfull attack so it never really uses X-Ball unless it has to.


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