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The Unofficial Amethyst Pokemon League!

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Absolutely! I'm winning next time!


Also, Zephs, if there's still spots


Gym Leader Name:- Julia [or cat]


FC:- 4341 - 4475 - 3352


Gym Name:- The RAWR Gym


Gym Type Specialty:- Dragon


Rules:- Single battle. 6 on 6. Flat rules. No legendaries. No Ice types. No OHKO moves. no Sleep Clause


Pokemon Team:- Haxorus, Druddigon, Garchomp, Hydriegon, Flygon, Salamence


Prize For Winning:- Level 1 Axew with Swords Dance and Giga Impact


Can change rules?: Yes Can change teams: Yes


[i think there's one gym spot left, so.]


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Are there still positions for the E4 or Champion? If not I'll go as a Gym leader. I can't give my details yet.


I posted this 2 days ago and I would still like to join.




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