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Looking for various cards.


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I'm looking for one of each of the following cards listed below. It'd be great to only need to deal with a small amount of people as opposed to having to make individual trades for each card.




If you have multiple cards that I'm looking for I may be willing to part with a Reshiram EX, Shaymin EX, Alph Lithograph, Legend Box or one of my many other valuable cards. I'm open to all fair offers but please let me know what you have and what you are looking for :)






Life Herb (HS Unleashed 79/95)




Gothielle (Emerging Powers 47/98)


Mandibuzz (Emerging Powers 69/98)


Audino (Emerging Powers 83/98)


Pokemon Catcher (Emerging Powers 95/98)


Tornadus (Emerging Powers 98/98)




Cofagrigus (Noble Victories 46/101)


Victini (Noble Victories 15/101)






Moltres (Next Destinies 14/99)


Darmanitan (Next Destinies 60/99)


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I have 1xCofragius, 1x Life herb, 3x Darmanitan, 1x Catcher, 2x Moltres.


Trade with Alph Lithograph, Legend Box and some packs?I'm also looking for Zekrom EX FA.




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