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Pokemon Black and White Tournament - (Litwickfan11's original idea)


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Hello guys and girls. CP321 here with a brand new Pokemon Black and White tournament! The matches will be best of 3 and the prizes will be awesome I'm telling you! You can still donate more prizes if you want a bigger prizepot. Anyways on to the rules, you are not allowed to disconnect or forfeit in a game. Unless you wanna be disqualified. No raging or lying. And also , Litwickfan11, just let me know if you don't like me stealing your idea. Cause I can stop it for you ;)


Now on to the prizes:


s and ability:


Calm Mind




Shadow Ball


Grass Knot


Ability: Magic Bounce


2. Garchomp with the following ability and moves:


Stone Edge


Dragon Claw






Ability: Sand Veil


3.Shiny lvl 100 Metagross with the following moves and ability:


Hammer Arm


Meteor Mash


Zen Headbut






Ability: Clear Body


So I will try to get 16 contestants, here they are:










To enter:




No hacked pokemon!


Bye guys ;)


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I might want to participate after I'm done in Litwick's tounament. I can also donate some prizes if you need them.


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I've changed the entrants to 4 and we can start! (This will just be a mini tournament, the big one will be later.)


The prizes for mini (Only one):


Shiny lvl 100 Crobat!




CrazyPenguin321 VS red5237


popandbob VS mnm12345


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I defeated red5237 the 2nd time. He is out of the mini tournament. It was a very good game! And thanks for entering my tournament!


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