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Pokemon Trades


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Wants: (All Pokemon Male would be prefered)


Any Eeveelutions


Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee










Kadabra (Or Alakazam)


Machoke (Or Machamp)


Graveler (Or Golem)


Haunter (Or Gengar)






Politoed (Damp) lv 47


Doubleslap, Perishsong, Swagger, Bounce


Cryogonal (Levitate) LV 1 PKRS x3 (one without)


Riolu (Prankster) Lv 10 TAKEN


Quickattack, foresight, endure, counter


Larvesta (Swarm) Lv 1


Whismer (soundproof) lv 5


Porygon (Trace) lv 5 TAKEN


Azurill (Thick Fat) lv 5


Magby (Flame body) lv 5


Slakoth (Truant) lv 5


(Sorry bout low levels)


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I have a gastly, Pidgey, Machop. Abra, eevee.


I can evolve them if you want.


I need, Proygon and Riolu (Prankster)


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Ok thanks i can use the pidgey and eevee but come back once Abra Gastly and Machop evolve but i will trade for Pidgey and Eevee!


FC 1335 3083 7933


Meet me in the wifi club and plz give me your FC!


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I gave you my FC and I well trade then battle you.


Evolving the Pokemon now



I will be waiting.


Sweet what else do you want then?


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