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Sniping Deck


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Hey guys,


I just got back into the pokemon TCG, so bear with me..


I made a deck that has done decently at league so far, but still needs work, I'm going for a sniping Kyurem deck, I like to knock damage to everyone in one attack.


Here's my list so far:


4x Oshawott


3x Dewott


2x Samurott


3x Kyurem


4x Kyurem EX


2x Articuno


1x Regigigas


1x Kyogre EX


2x Revives


Energy Retrieval


2x Pokemon Circulator


Life Herb


Rocky Helmet




Pokemon Reversal


Pokemon Communication








Exp. Share


Crushing Hammer


Team Rocket's Trickery


2x Potion


2x Plus Power


2x Great ball


Energy returner


professor juniper




13x Water Energy


2x Double colorless




Again, I'm pretty new, haven't taken making a deck seriously since Base Set 1, haha


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