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Legendary Pokemon Hurt, Heal, and ATTACK!! XD


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(This thread includes Rotom, legendary or not.)


Welcome to a thread based on the one that Lit made, "Starter Pokemon Hurt and Heal." This thread is kinda like it only each Pokemon starts out with 30 HP, you can hurt up to triple, but only heal 1 Pokemon at a time. Once a Pokemon is at 0, they fail... Last Legendary left WINS! (I created the thread though, so I can triple heal.) Also, you can use MOVES!!! When you post a Pokemn and a move that it is using, be sure to post the Pokemon that it is attacking and I will say how much the move does. You do not have to quote, I will just update the 1st post when I'm online. (Note: a Pokemon can be healed over 30 HP.) SO WE BEGIN:


Articuno: 0 (Finished 37th Place)


Moltres: 0 (Finished 40th Place)


Zapdos: 23


Mewtwo: 25


Mew: 57


Raikou: 33


Entei: 0 (Finished 42nd Place)


Suicune: 0 (Finished 45th Place)


Lugia: 0 (Finished 48th Place)


Ho-Oh: 31


Celebi: 0 (Finished 49th Place)


Regirock: 22


Regice: 0 (Finished 43rd Place)


Registeel: 22


Latias: 0 (Finished 36th Place)


Latios: 31


Kyogre: 16


Groudon: 0 (Finished 47th Place)


Rayquaza: 31


Jirachi: 30


Deoxys: 30


Rotom: 25


Uxie: 30


Mesprit: 30


Azelf: 30


Dialga: 31


Palkia: 0 (Finished 41st Place)


Heatran: 27


Regigigas: 33


Giratina: 30


Cresselia: 28


Phione: 30


Manaphy: 30


Darkrai: 0 (Finished 46th Place)


Shaymin: 0 (Finished 44th Place)


Arceus: 30


Victini: 30


Cobalion: 30


Terrakion: 30


Virizion: 0 (Finished 38th Place)


Tornadus: 1


Thundurus: 30


Reshiram: 0 (Finished 50th Place)


Zekrom: 30


Landorus: 0 (Finished 39th Place)


Kyurem: 18


Keldeo: 31


Meloetta: 30


Genesect: 0 (Finished 51st Place)


You can post anytime you want, but not TOO often. You can only have a Pokemon use a move once per day, and NO double/triple heals! (Unless it's me, cause I created this thread, no exceptions for me Lol) So yeah! BEGIN!




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You can only use 1 move per day, just letting you know.


Palkia took 3


Mewtwo took 5


Double Hurt Latias, and do more things, see the 1st post Lol


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Victini used V-Create on Genesect!



He took 6 damage! I triple hurt Genesect and double heal Mew, heal Mewtwo


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Since I can post whenever I want, I hurt Celebi



Did a ton of things including this XD


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Reshiram used blue flare on Genesect!



DEATH TO GENESECT! But Reshiram did 4 to itself. I triple hurt Reshiram, Double heal Zekrom and heal Mewtwo


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Zekrom did 2 to self


6 to Reshiram


I hurt Celebi


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Dialga used Roar of time on Mew.



But it failed! (This CAN happen but if it does you can use moves more than once per day)


Triple Hurt Reshiram (Now at 0), Heal Raikou and Double Heal Heatran


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I use softboiled on celebi.



You can't do that, now Celebi has been triple hurt.


I double heal Rotom


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