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Andrea trades adn all days a super cheap deal!!


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Hello i have these for trade:


steelix prime






pisiana col energy holo


2 seekers one is holo


3 supper rods


5 prism


5 dces


chandelure fire holo


3 lucario holo ability nd


dragnoite line


terakion holo nv


3 extradill from trainer kid


1 condelur ability line


1 tyrougue holo


1 machamp prime line


3 gilgalith 2 with 90 at end and one with 40+


groudon holo regular


2 waruvial teh 2 not the same


5 zebriska 3-2 are same


samurott from bww decks




that's waht i have i hope of good offers:)


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