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Reporting Bugs


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A critical component to any game of this nature is bug reporting from the community. Bug reports can be submitted through the forums in the Report a Bug section, or via the support portal by submitting a ticket.

For bug reports to be useful, they need to provide enough detail that the development and QA teams can reproduce the bug and work on fixes. In addition to detail, knowing what version of the Client the bug occurred in helps the team identify if a bug fix in a patch is still occurring in the most recent game build. The client number can be found at the top of the Help window.

Please keep in mind that the development team prioritizes bugs based on their impact on the game, with higher priority bugs getting more attention than lower priority bugs. While we make every effort to fix bugs as quickly as possible, some can be trickier to sort out than others, resulting in some bugs persisting across multiple builds. Rest assured, if a major bug persists across builds, it's not because we're ignoring it.

Game bugs fall into two general categories: card bugs and game mechanics bugs.

  • Card bugs occur when the effects of a card don't match the text on the card, such as an attack doing too much damage, or an Ability activating at the wrong time.
  • Game mechanic bugs encompass errors in the rules of the game itself, such as mulligan order or an opponent not drawing the last card in their deck, this also encompasses problems with the buttons, pop-ups, tool tips and other items of that nature.

If you find a game bug during a match, you should create a support ticket at pokemon.com/support with [GAME BUG] in the title. You can submit multiple game bugs in a single ticket, but each should be clearly described in the body of the ticket. A good example of a submitted game bug would be:

Client: 0.062.13
Card: Mewtwo EX
Card Number: Next Destinies #54, Next Destinies #98, Black Star Promo #45
Expected Action: X Ball attack should do 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to both Pokémon. 2 energy on Mewtwo + 2 energy on Zoroark – 20 damage for resistance should result in 60 damage.
Actual Action: X Ball attack did 80 damage. It appears as though resistance was not factored into the attack.
Steps to Reproduce: Attach two energy to Mewtwo EX and attack a Zoroark with two energy attached.

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Hey there again!


Please remember that the Report button is exclusively for the use of reporting abusive or offensive material. Questions entered in the Report button fields will not be answered. Please post in the appropriate help forums in order to receive feedback from players and the moderation team.


This has been a public service announcement, because knowing is half the battle.



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