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Real Life Pokémon Encounters


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Have any of you had real-life experiences that you could equate to Pokémon?


If you have, feel free to share them in here.


A few months ago, there were a couple of Sawsbuck in my backyard staring at me through the window. It was awkward, but I stared back. And a few minutes later, the staring competition ended with them galloping away into the distance.


Then, 2 nights ago, I saw this huge shadow fly past me in the basement, while I was on my computer. At first, I thought it was a Pidgey, but its movements were too quiet. On closer inspection, I found out it was a wild Zubat flying around. Not sure how it got inside my house, but it somehow found its way in. First thing I did, as any Pokémon trainer would, was throw my Poké Ball at it. Unfortunately, the Poké Ball just hit it and bounced off, so that failed.


With catching it out of the question, we were able to get it to fly out the door. Situation resolved, right? Wrong.


Yesterday night, 3 am ET, guess who returned? Zubat was back, this time flying around the bathroom. This time, we managed to open the screen to the window and get it to fly out through there.


Not 2 hours goes by and Zubat is back for a third time. Still not sure how it's getting in, but I swear it's the exact same Zubat. So that's where we're at today. No doubt in a few hours when it gets dark, it will make a re-appearance. Worst thing of all, my snowy Alaskan Malamute Savvy, who resembles a Stoutland, keeps hiding in the bathroom when this Zubat starts flying around. You would think Savvy would use Bite or Howl, or even Tail Slap, but she just runs away against a Zubat whose only attack is Fly.


Anyways, what are your Real Life Pokémon Encounters?


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