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FT: Rare Holo and EX LF:codes


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*NOTE: If a mod is reading this, can you please change the title from 'LF:Codes' to 'LF:Packs'. Thanks*


Hi, i will accept Next Destinies packs - don't worry about codes. see mod's post below


I also have these:


3x Regigigas EX (Reg) - 3packs each


1x Zekrom EX (Reg - non promo) - 2packs


1x Kyurem EX (Reg - non promo) - 2packs


3x Chandelure (A) - ND - 1pack each


5x Moltres - ND - 0.5packs each


2x Articuno - ND - 0.5packs each


2x Luxray - ND - 0.25packs each


3x Zapdos - ND - 0.5packs each


3x Zekrom - ND - 1pack each


3x Reshiram - ND - 1pack each


1x Sudowoodo - UL - 0.5packs


1x Dialga - CL - 0.5packs


4x Cincinno (A) - ND - 1pack each


1x Jirachi - CL - 1pack


2x Lucario (A) - ND - 1pack each


1x Victini (V-create) - 1pack


1x Alph Lithograph - 2packs




2x Blissey Prime - 1.5packs each


1x Slowking Prime - 1pack


Special Energy:


11x double colourless - ND - 0.5packs each


10x prism energy - ND - 0.5packs each




I have more rares form Next Destinies set. If you need them just ask.






- Sir_Miah




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Hello All,


Just a quick reminder that we not encourage or support the trade of codes. I recommend trading cards or packs. I wouldn't want anyone here to lose any valuable cards for a code which may or may not be legit.


Prof. Capybara


Lumpy Space Princess







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Bump. Cards for trade have been updated


Also, if a mod is reading this can you please change title to 'LF: Packs'? Ty


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