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Unlocking cards for purchased theme decks in TC


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I redeemed my online code for my raiders theme deck, and I saw the sticky about the deck not matching the real one, but I'm still a little confused.


I've played a few matches with it in TC, and I was expecting to unlock some of the cards from the real deck into the virtual one (cause the virtual one has no krookodile, only 1 cofagrigus, and no eeveelutions, some major downgrades that make the deck horrible), but I'm not unlocking anything like I did for the basic blue deck.


How many cards should I be able to unlock from it? with the blue deck it seemed like after almost every match I would get card upgrades. Does rematching old opponents work, or do I have to battle new people?


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Hey Trainer,


We have been receiving reports from players that the Raiders theme deck does not unlock cards properly as you progress through the trainer challenge. Please have patience as we work to resolve this issue. As we are still in beta there may be some technical hiccups and we are investigating this issue currently. Please if you run into anything else that seems out of the ordinary please continue to report them. Thanks!


Prof Steel


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"Too Big Too Strong Too Fast Too Good!"


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