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Advice for my deck please!


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Alright I have a new deck ( well it is my first one actually), and I have no idea if it is gonna work well or not, so I wanted to have your opinions a thoughts on it:) I don't want the best deck ever made, I just want a decent deck that have a possibility of winning. Feel free to suggest me some cards to it, or some that I should take off from it.


The deck is pretty much the combination of scizor prime and umbreon UD, to take advantage of their defensive abilities


here is the list :




4-3 umbreon UD


1 espeon prime ( for machamp,donphan...and other stuff)


4-3 Scizor prime


4 Sableye ( I wanted to have a good starter, and it is the only one I found, since I can't afford 4 smeargle)


2-2 Dodrio (someone told me it is good for retreating easily)


Trainers and supporters


2 Switch


2 Team Rocket's trickery


1 Seeker


1 Prof Oak theory


2 Interviewer Question


1 Black Belt


3 Pokemon Communication


1 Energy Returner




2 sp. darkness


1 rescue


8 normal metal


5 normal darkness




I know it isn't 60 cards yet, but it is hopefully gonna be soon. Please keep in mind that I can't really afford cards like mewtwo ex, catchers, collectors.. etc. That's also why I lack sp. darkness energys and sp. metal. Thanks in advance !








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well i reccomend sing daramantian dark explorers hes a great guy for your deck and it evolutes from dramatian not a problem


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