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Poke Ball 1 Needs EVs!


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I'm tired of losing to teams who have this technique, so I want Powerful EVs to CRUSH the competition. I hav a lot of good Pokemon, or, if you want, I can train one of your Pokemon [not in EVs though. I'm not good at it]


My Pokemon Black Team [at the moment]


Rash lv. 33 Venomoth [nicknamed FirstPlace. transferred] Moves: Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Silver Wind, Toxic


Relaxed lv. 37 Mr. Mime [in all caps 'cuz i transferred it from johto] Moves: Psychic, Magical Leaf, Substitute, Psybeam


Jolly lv. 38 Dugtrio [transferred. nicknamed DIGGER] Moves:Tri Attack, Sludge Wave, Earth Power, Dig


Naughty lv 50 Aggron [nicknamed Muncher] Moves: Iron Head, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Fire Blast


Lax lv. 100 Lucario Moves: Flash Cannon, Close Combat, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere


Admant lv 100 Togekiss Moves: Fly, Metronome, Sky Attack, SolarBeam


[most of these have exp. points. if u want me to let them have no exp. points that'll be tricky]


In - Game Name - Julia


FC - 4341 - 4475 - 3352


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That's not the only thing, Togekiss (with the right moveset) and Lucario are decent as well.


Breeding for specific natures is usually the best way to go, since natures can be even more important than EVs if I'm not mistaken. But if you just want to make do with what you have, here's what I'd do.


Togekiss- All of these moves are two turn moves, (except for Metronome, but that's a whole 'nother story.) so they're VERY predictable and easy to switch out on. If it's ability is Serene Grace, teach this Body Slam and Air Slash, which will leave your opponent helpless to cope with paralysis and flinching. The other two moves are up to you. Depending on the other two moves, you could train this in Speed and Attack or Speed and Sp. Attack.


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Since Body Slam is only from a Gen 4 Move tutor, use Thunder Wave, which is a TM, instead. I believe you should be able to use a Heart Scale to relearn Air Slash.


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This has to be at least Gen IV. Lucario and Togekiss were released in that generation.



If IV is Gen 4, then yes, you're right on Lucario, not sure about Togekiss.


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Here are their stats


FirstPlace's stats


Level - 33


Nature - Rash


HP - 96


Attack - 54


Defense - 47


Sp. Attack - 74


Sp. Defense - 54


Speed - 73


Ability - Tinted Lens


MR. MIME's stats


Level - 37


Nature - Relaxed


HP - 76


Attack - 39


Defense - 58


Sp. Attack - 79


Sp. Defense - 93


Speed - 64


Ability - Soundproof


DIGGER's stats


Lv. 38


Nature - Jolly


HP - 74


Attack - 66


Defense - 43


Sp. Attack - 38


Sp. Defense - 58


Speed - 106


Ability - Sand Veil


Muncher's stats


Lv. 50


Nature - Naughty


HP - 135


Attack - 144


Defense - 197


Sp. Attack - 69


Sp. Defense - 68


Speed - 72


Ability - Sturdy


Lucario's stats


Lv. 100


Lax Nature


HP - 303


A - 250


D - 163


SA - 252


SD - 145


S - 210


Ability - Inner Focus



Togekiss's stats


Lv 100


Adamant Nature


HP - 315


A - 182


D - 212


SA - 252


SD - 247


S - 221


Ability - Serene Grace


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You're playing on Black or white though, right? Theyre Gen 5, so there are no Gen 4 move tutors in those games. So, I'd teach it Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, and another move of your choice. (Roost, if possible, but I'm not sure if it is without breeding.)


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