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Some stuff up for trade


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I have 4 theme decks for 4 packs each (Reduced from 5)


Verdant Frost (Mamoswine)


Nightfall (Umbreon)


<strike>Royal Guard (Nidoking)</strike>


Night Hunter (Zoroark/Excadrill)




Get all 3 decks above for 11 packs.




Cards for trade:<strike>


</strike>1 Terrakion Full Art - 4 Packs


1 Reshiram EX Full Art - 3 Packs


1 Celebi Prime - 6 Packs


1 Rare Candy - 2 Packs


1 Tornadus Regular - 2 Packs




I have ND packs for the following cards:


Kyurem NV Holo - 2 Packs


Cobalion Full Art - 2 Packs


Latias - 2 Packs


Latios - 2 Packs


Full Palkia Dialga legend - 1 Pack


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Okay, I'll do Mewtwo and Catchers for 22 packs. Sound good? Everything is in my binder.


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lol It's okay. Next Destinies packs are fine. but I'll make the offer, under the binder tab drag and drop your packs into the "for trade" section. Then notify me when they are in there so I can offer the cards. Btw I have only 3 regular catchers, so I threw in a reverse holo catcher. :)






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