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eNvatos Trading Thread


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I have these rares for trade.








Mew Prime


Mewtwo EX


Crobat Prime




I have:




Lugia legends (both parts)










Ninetales (with roast reveal)


Electrode Prime


Alph Lithograph Trainer (Shows you all of your prizecards)




Got alot more of regular rares and lines. Just tell me what you need and what ur willin to offer.






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Ive been trying to figure out how to view a binder but i dont have any clue.




Do u mind explaining me a bit? been here for about 2 weeks now so im pretty new.


thanks in advance :)


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To check a binder it is just when u u go to trade with someone when u click their name and click the button what ur getiing from whoever and it will show what they have in their binder.


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simple , when you go to new trade you'll see "select partner" or something click on it and scrowll down untill you see the name you want or just select pouplic offer for any one who got the cards you want


ps : don't forget to choose what you want last.if you do befor selecting partner you'll lose these cards as you gave them aa way for fr33


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