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I have a pretty experienced deck named CincciLure. I have 25 wins and 4 losses with it. Decklist:


3-3 Cinccino Ability line


2-2 Chandelure Fire line


3 Great Ball


2 Junk Arm


3 Level Ball


2 PlusPower


2 Pokegears


2 Black Belt


1 Fisherman


2 Interviewers Questions


3 Judge


1 Alph Litograph


1 Sage


2 Seeker


4 Twins


1 Bianca


1 Cheren


1 Pokemon Center




1 Rainbow


4 Rescue


6 Fire Energy


It works great if you have Cinccino ablity real fast set up by level ball and DCE. Then if you're in trouble then you just try setting up a Chandelure. I know it doesn't have any Rare Candies but that's why i don't have any. SO hope this helps.








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The new Dark explorer have come out!!! While emphasising on dark pokemon, Dex also have huge attacks and abilities for all types of pokemon for deafeating different kinds of decks. Have you ever had problem with an durant deck?? well with the new heatmor, which is rare and easy to find, has the right attack. It's hot lick only needs one colorless energy, and it does 60 damage if the defending pokemon is durant. since it only requires one colorless energy, sticking it in your deck of any type is not an problem. now one of my favorite pokemon, blaziken, has an special attack! It's flamethrower needs two fire energies and one water energy, and you do 130 damage while discarding only one energy card!!! how cool is that! blaziken also has 140 hp, which is high. the only problem is that blaziken is an stage two pokemon, and that the only card that is in the tcgo that's final evolution is blaziken is torchic, which means that opponents will use catcher to defeat torchic. and there are a couple of secret cards 200px-Pok%C3%A9monCatcherDarkExplorers111.jpg" alt="


Also there are stunning ex pokemon that will be talked about later thanks for reading this bye!!


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I had to see if it worked. I give thee...RaiEels!


3 Raikou EX


3-3 Eelektrik


2 Tornadus EX


2 Thundurus


2 Kyurem


1 Mewtwo EX


1 Smeargle


4 Catcher


4 Junk Arm


4 Ultra Ball


3 Collector




3 Switch


2 Communication


2 Juniper


2 Skyarrow Bridge


10 Lightning




2 Rescue


Still a rough draft, and I'm not going to be able to test it out until later this month, but I think it could be an interesting variant on standard ZekEels variants.




Anyway, the strategy:


As with most other Eel variants, you want to get a bunch of Eelektriks into play quickly, then build up big attackers. Both Raikou EX and Tornadus EX can hit for 100 damage and have a retreat cost of only 1, so Skyarrow allows them to switch out easily, enabling you to then attack with another Pokemon (perhaps 2 Raikous, or 2 Tornaduses, or a combination thereof). Thundurus and Smeargle are your standard lead options with most Eel decks, and Mewtwo is there for extra power if necessary.


One surprising inclusion might be Kyurem. This card is going to be a great asset to counter Groudon EX, who would otherwise run through this deck like a hot knife through butter. After taking a Giant Claw, Kyurem can OHKO Groudon EX with Outrage and get a free 2 prizes. You'll likely lose your Kyurem next turn if they're also packing Donphan or Terrakion, but it's going to be a very useful bit of assistance against Fighting-based decks nonetheless.


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