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Build Notes | May 15th, 2012


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Build Notes | May 15th, 2012







The new version of the Pokémon TCG Online Trainer Challenge will be available for download once the game is out of maintanence. This is still an early version of the Trainer Challenge, so it’s still a bit rough around the edges. We’ll be replacing placeholder text and effects, cleaning up image resolution and hammering out game flow in the coming weeks.




If you encounter errors during gameplay, please use the Report a Problem button to submit a bug report. These will be added to the list below, and will be fixed in a future build. Future build notes will include a list of what’s been fixed in that build, as well as a list of outstanding issues.




Known Issues


  • The Remember Username toggle only works after the initial login.
  • White text with the word “Working” needs to be removed on some attacks.
  • No confirmation on Exit Game button.
  • Attack presentation overlaps card Zoom.
  • Achievements are granted before the attack occurs.
  • Nidoran ??? (HGSS4 #69) – requires localization.
  • Dual Ball (HGSS2 #72) cause game to be blocked if player only has one Basic Pokémon in deck at time of use.
  • Aggron (HGSS4 #1) has overlapping text.
  • Resolution 1680x1050 cuts off buttons on the playmat and other assets.
  • HGSS Trainers are laid out incorrectly.
  • The text "Special Energy Card" is in the wrong font on Special Energy Cards.
  • Cards 105-114 should have gold text on the Pokémon name.
  • The player is not returned to the login screen when their account is logged into on a second client.
  • Explosive Edge deck name appears as ExplosiveEdge.
  • Nidoran ??? (HGSS4 #70) - requires localization.
  • Nidorino (HGSS4 #46) - requires localization.
  • Diamond and Pearl Leagues are not showing card levels next to name.
  • Tooltips appear through zoomed in cards.
  • Login screen appears at the very top of the screen.
  • The coin flip Results window lacks information regarding why the coin was flipped.
  • Special Condition animations are not displayed if the Pokémon they affect is knocked out at the same time they gain the Special Condition.
  • User can select multiple actions and all of the cards stay presented.
  • A black line is missing from underneath the words "Darkness Energy" and "Special Energy Card" for the title and energy type for Darkness Energy (HGSS3 #79).
  • The player is only able to undo one action in a row.
  • The player is unable to undo the use of Trainer cards.
  • Spacing of Energy cards shifts after the player's Pokémon is evolved with Energy attached after evolution.
  • Locking your computer or your system going to sleep will cause the client to lock.
  • Various Pokémon cards contain pink illegible "Don't Apply Weakness and Resistance to Benched Pokémon" game text.



We hope you enjoy playing the new Trainer Challenge, and look forward to hearing your feedback!






Prof. Snow


Parasol Lady



Need to report a bug or an issue? Submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com!


"I'm like a hunter of peace. One who chases the elusive mayfly of love... or something like that."


- Vash the Stampede


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