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Need some psychic cards! Offering rares!


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What do i need?




Mew PRIME (Ill offer you: Zapdos holo,Reshiram holo, Artiuno holo, Ferraligtor (not the basic blue one)


Crobat PRIME (Ill offer you: Zapdos holo, Articuno holo, Litwick,Lampent, Chandelure Holo (Fire types)


Gothitelle with ability (ill offer you: Hippowdon, Scrafty, Porygon Z holo, Ampharos


Gothitelle line (ill offer you: Wailord, Ferralligator (Not the basic blue one), Articuno holo


Mewto EX Full Art (Ill offer you: Zapdos Holo, Reshiram Holo, Articuno holo, Jumpluff holo, Lugia, Lugia Legends (BOTH PARTS!)






Any of the card listed above could be arranged differently. Just make an offer and tell me what you want.






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