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Which booster packs should I buy?


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I'm new to PTCG, and I just bought 100 booster pack codes. Now to my question. I don't own any card from before, and I wonder which booster packs I should buy? Next Destinies? Black & White? Call of legends?


Like I said, I don't have any deck from before so I want to build a new deck from my 100 booster packs. Should I just buy one kind or should I spread the codes between them?




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20x HeartGold SoulSilver


20x Emerging Powers


15x HS Unleashed


15x HS Undaunted


15x HS Triumphant


10x Call of Legends


0x Noble Victories


0x B&W


0x B&W Next Destinies


Keep the other 5 codes in your pocket...


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I always got good pulls from only those packs, have open lots and lots of those packs. ND's are way too much useless. As we get only 1-2 EX's after every 10 packs of ND, and all EX's except Mewtwo are now worth only 1-2 packs.


Plus, I am that 100gokugohan, have created that account as the game chat does'nt work with this account.


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I recommend keeping them and using the unredeemed booster codes to trade for the cards you want specifically.


There are lots of people including myself who are trading just about any card you would want to use to build a deck for unredeemed booster codes.


If you enjoy opening the packs yourself and seeing what deck you can make out of the cards you get, then i suggest to open atleast 30 Emerging Powers packs since you can get the uncommon card "Pokemon Catcher" which is actually not that uncommon, reasonable hard to find and really high in demand since you'll need atleast 3 in every deck.


I do recommend keeping atleast half of your booster codes for later though. After openning a few packs and you build a deck you'll get a rough idea of what cards you'll need to improve your deck. It'll be much more convenient and easier to simply buy the cards your after. The currency here at the moment is Next Destinies(ND) packs. For example: Pokemon Catcher which is an uncommon card is worth 3.5 ND packs.


The prices of each card depends on supply and demand. A good place to check how much a particular card will cost you is on 32194's trade thread. The card prices will be on the first page.


I recommend keeping the codes unredeemed because if you pay with the codes the prices will be discounted further. Dark Explorers is coming out soon and people like myself are stock piling booster credits to get ready for the new Boosters.


I hope this helps.




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ive pulled 4 catchers in 13 packs...





And i have 4 Catchers for trading away 8 packs. Moral of my story: Trade is cheaper than open packs =).


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ive pulled 2 catchers in 3 consecutive packs



Lucky you.


I've pulled 1 Catcher and I've openned over 30 Emerging Powers packs lol


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I usually pull a catcher every 3-4 packs maximum. (And a Tornadus Full Art every 5 packs) ;-)



OMG !!


Well, there u have it. If your luck isn't as horrible as mine then i guess u wont have to buy so many EP packs..


OMG :(


Soooo not fair.


I bought a whole Booster box of 36 EP packs IRL and only pulled 3 catchers.....


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Thanks for all the answers! :)




Think I will trade some codes. Did get 1x Mewtwo EX earlier today, but I want at least one more of him. Also want 2x double colorless and 3 more of Pokemon catcher.




How does trading card for codes work at this site? Many scamers?


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I buy an Emerging Powers for you then. Sure I can get more DC, my brother needs a few too, but if that will cost me moore, then no thanks :)




Are you in the tradetool?




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