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Is this deck good?


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Is this deck good? Because pokefanwe said it was bad but, vikesrules said it was a good deck.




<strike>So I've seen the Shaymin-ex tech in a couple of Durant decks and I figured I'd try it out for myself. This is a very, very good deck. Some Pre-Next Destinies Durant decks would use Cobalion in a similar fashion to mixed results, but the problem with Cobalion is it takes a minimum of 3 turns to power up. Shaymin-ex can be powered up in two turns with two Prism energysingle turn with a DCE, making it a very deadly card in this deck, especially if your opponent isn't prepared. Having Twins in this deck is very advantageous for this reason.</strike>


In fact, this deck works best against "good" players that know how to play against regular Durant decks. By this I mean they will conserve resources and only have one or two Pokemon in play. By teching in Shaymin-ex, you take advantage of their weak field and can pull out a victory by sweeping the field if victory by milling isn't possible.


So here's my deck list. I've considered removing the level balls in favor of dual balls since everything is a basic and it would allow me to grab Shaymin-ex with it instead of just Rotom/Durant. However I like that it's guaranteed whereas 33% of the time you will whiff and get nothing with dual balls.


Pokemon: 6


4 x Durant


1 x Rotom


1 x Shaymin EX


Trainers/Supporters: 40


4 x Pokemon Collector


1 x Professor Oak's New Theory


4 x Twins


3 x Professor Juniper


2 x N


4 x Junk Arm


4 x Revive


4 x Crushing Hammer


4 x Lost Remover


3 x Catcher


3 x Eviolite


4 x Pokegear 3.0


1 x Switch


1 x Super Rod


Energy: 12


4 x Special Metal


4 x Prism


4 x Metal


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I don't think your energy part works well, since you can't have more than 4 in the deck for each of them. Or rule changes again?


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Hey Trainers!


Please do not spam the forum! Thanks :)




Prof. Capybara



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"Oh my glob, Melissa!"


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Also i always like to play a few spiritomb in my durant decks to make my opponent draw extra cards when needed.


I was thinking about that.


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If I do put some Spirtomb in my deck then I have to add some super scop up because you can only have six pokemon in play.


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i would take out the super rod the revive should be good enough add in 2 more pokegear for getting collector turn 1 max juniper and N maybe add in a couple of prism energy for rotom when a zekrom is ohkoing all your durants take out the switches most you would need is 1 if any drop a DCE i think and add a alph lith 4 to look at prize cards to make sure you can maximize your crushing hammers and get all durants out quicker. Rotom is very tricky yo really have to memorize what you have in your deck before and after each time you mischievous trick mainly to maximize your crushing hammers and junk arms your memory of the stuff could win you the game. Let me know if this helps and i actually prefer shaymin ex combined with an energy switch over mewtwo both i think are equal in value and risk just my preference since it cant get revenged koed my a mewtwo especially if it has an eviolite


Can you post what cards you are saying to take out and add in?




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1 dce


1 reg metal add 2 prism


drop 2 level ball add 2 pokegear


drop 3 oak and 1 switch


add 2 N and 1 Juniper 1 aplh prize cards


hope this helps






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-2 DCE


-1 Metal


-2 Level Ball




-1 Switch


+4 Prism


+2 N


+1 Juniper


+ 1 Alph Prize Cards


+ 1 Judge


+ 1 Lost Remover


+ 1 Shaymin-ex






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