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32 Thank You's


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32 has made a huge difference both in all aspects of ptcgo, whether trading with people, posting youtube battles, or just being friendly in the chat rooms. Here is a list why I like her. I call it "32 Thank You's"




32. Thank you for being nice.


31. Thank you for making good trades.


30. Thank you for letting me borrow cards.


29. Thank you for setting up tournaments.


27. Thank you for testing my regionals deck.


26. Thank you for interesting conversations.


25. Thank you for being concern when I'm not feeling well.


24. Thank you for giving me tips about my deck and "other tips".


23. Thank you for "singing" Swift songs with me.


22. Thank you for listening about my dreams.


21. Thank you for being a sport.


20. Thank you for trying to change as a better person.


19. Thank you for committing to this game.


18. Thank you for accepting my interceptions.


17. Thank you for accepting my pogo invitations.


16. Thank you for spending so many hours with me.


15. Thank you for being nice.


14. Thank you for testing my provincials deck.


12. Thank you for keeping the chat room "noisy."


11. Thank you on behalf of people who want complete decks by giving them discounts.


10. Thank you for being on my side when I'm against other trainers.


9. Thank you for laughing on my silly jokes.


8. Thank you for not hating me while we cheer on two different teams in the playoffs.


7. Thank you for not noticing that I skipped #13.


6. Thank you for having a username with all numbers. I hope to win a lottery someday.


5. Thank you for the exciting matches.


4. Thank you for saying that you'll leave if I leave...altough I know you weren't serious.


3. Thank you for letting me borrow 282 cards in one trade although they are just 82 amoongus and 200 of it's basic stage.


2. Thank you for keeping my brain active when we play dominoes.


1. Thank you for being nice. I don't think I mentioned it yet. Have I?


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Im new and i have very little cards but i have the three starter decks unlocked with 12 and the ampharos togekiss deck and i need ideas on a deck using the genaric 3 decks and the elec normal deck pleeeeese reply




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