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Need some cards for my deck.


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I can trade you the cards that are on this list, but not on the second list.


-8 Pokemon-


1 Rotom UD 20


1 Spiritomb TR 10-For trade


1 Mime Jr. CL 47-For trade


4 Durant NV 83


1 Cobalion NV 100-For trade


-39 T/S/S-


2 Professor Oak's New Theory HGSS 101


3 Pokemon Collector HGSS 97


3 Pokegear 3.0 HGSS 96


1 Switch HGSS 102


4 Twins TR 89


4 Junk Arm TR 87


1 Alph Lithograph TR FOUR-For trade


2 Dual Ball CL 78


1 Lost Remover CL 80


3 Professor Juniper BW 101-One for trade


4 Revive BW 102


3 Pokemon Catcher EP 95


2 Crushing Hammer EP 92


4 Eviolite NV 91-One for trade


2 Super Rod NV 95


-13 Energy-


3 Rainbow Energy HGSS 104-I have four of them for trade


4 Metal Energy (Special) UD 80


6 Metal Energy CL 95




I need these cards


(Crossed out means I have them)


Pokemon: 6


<strike>4 x Durant</strike>


<strike>1 x Rotom</strike>


1 x Mewtwo EX


Trainers/Supporters: 43


1 x Pokemon Collector


2 x Professor Oak's New Theory


<strike>4 x Twins</strike>


<strike>2 x Professor Juniper</strike>


1 x N


<strike>4 x Junk Arm</strike>


<strike>4 x Revive</strike>


1 x Crushing Hammer


2 x Lost Remover


<strike>3 x Catcher</strike>


<strike>3 x Eviolite</strike>


1x Level Ball


<strike>2 x Pokegear 3.0</strike>


1x Switch


<strike>1 x Super Rod</strike>


Energy: 11


<strike>4 x Special Metal</strike>


<strike>2 x DCE</strike>


<strike>5 x Metal</strike>


I have 45 packs so tell me how much it well cost for the cards I do not have




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How about 3 DCE and a hammer for 2 packs. (Which packs do u have?) or 2 DCE and 1 hammer for 1 pack + a card like oak?


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I have-45 packs, Black belt, 4 DCE, 4 Machamp Primes, T-tar Prime, Cobalion ''Iron breaker'', and whatever is in my old deck that is not in my new deck.


I need-Mewtwo-ex, N, and whatever is my new deck and not in my new deck


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1 x Mewtwo EX FA


1 x Pokemon Collector


2 x Professor Oak's New Theory


1 x N


1 x Crushing Hammer


1x Level Ball


1x Switch


I have these from ur wants. I can do them all for 18 packs.


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