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need help to build a small group


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ill put it simply


im writing a book series...


  • i need an anim drawer, that can draw a sceane for every chapter (someone who is an experienced artest)
  • i need someone who i can trust and rely on that can proof read and be the second reader to make sure everything makes sense, it esay to follow and its suitable for the pokemon world. (someon who is preferably over the age of 16 is good at english)
  • and i need someone who knows a lot about pokemon, there abilities and all that stuff. this person will be key as when i try to write these battles... which are incredably dificult to write... then that person can step in and give me ideas and move sets..(someone who has watched the anim series and can battle in a veriaty of stiles on a wifi game...



i have a few ideas on who i might choose but please let me know if you are interested


and believe me when i tell you i have three unique ideas that honestly have never been mentioned in pokemon... that will sonn be revealed


i know this is a bit rushed cos i have to go somewhere now.. so ill talk later


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i cant say much about it yet


all i can say is the main character will be called Jay Oak....


there will also be 3 people going round with him on his adventure...


also people on this forum will get to be in it as their staring names


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Have you read my fanfiction? I'm way over 16, and I've taken college level English courses, translated Ancient and Biblical Greek, and LOVE POKEMON! I can read through your stuff.


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i will be posting up a new thred with the story on soon


it will be posted up by the end of today,


chapters will be released each weekend and should be around 5- 10 pages long in size 12 font,


ill be posting the document on google documents so will provide the new thred with a link to it,


i am still looking for a team though so hopefully everyone that wants to join in will get a feel for how we will be writing the story


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