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Looking for some basic cards


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I am looking for:


2x Mewtwo EX


2x Dual Ball


1x Exp Share


2x Pokegear 3.0


2x Rare Candy




I do have (don't ask me why some useless stuff is in there, I certainly did not put them in the bider but w/e):




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I have a foil Rare Candy. not really in need of anything at the moment though. send me an offer and i can get back to you


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IM interested in Zapdos but all i have to trade is a rare candy



Well I would be fine with that :D



i will give you 1x exp.share and 2x dual balls for 2x rashirem and 1x Ex Shaymin



how about you gtfo



I have 2xDual Ball for 2xDarumatian.


Better Deal^^^ Please take offer!



throw an experience share in there an we are good to go


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