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Fighting real-life deck


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I have:




3 mienfoo NV


1 mienshao NV


2 drillbur


2 excadrill (drill run).


3 gollet


1 golurk


2 timburr BLW


2 timburr NV


1 guldurr BLW


1 gurdurr NV


1 elygem (first contact)


2 archen


3 machop DP


1 machoke DP




3 plume fossil


1 bianca


2 communication


2 potion


2 eviolite


2 super rod


1 energy search


1 rocky helmet




21 fighting energy


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(if you are asking why i have DP is because they are old. i dont use them in competition)


i can add 1 super rod and a pokemon communication. 1 NV timburr 1 NV gurdurr 1 DP (diamond and pearl) lucario and 3 DP 3 MT (mysterious treasures) geodudde 1 MT graveler and 1 DP machop. i have more searchers, potions, pluspower, nocturnal pokemon center (DP), pokedex handy 910is (DP).


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