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Dark deck


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so i have 6 ttar primes, 6 hydregion(i only have a 1-1-6 line), 2 samurott A, and a shaymin UL. what is a good energy spread and trainer engine?


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quick decklist:


4-4-4 Ttar prime


4-4-4 hydregion


2-2-2 Samurott A


1 Shaymin UL


(31 pokes)


4 SP dark


4 Water


4 Dark




(16 energy)


3 Sages




4 Candy


4 Energy EXchanger


(13 trainers)


i dont really have catcher in this deck cause ttar spreads, hydregion snipes, and its actually overpowered


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You have WAY too many Pokemon and not enough other things.


First, it's a bad idea to play 3 Stage 2s at the same time. I'd recommend just playing one at a time, and definitely not the Samurott line (Weakness to Lightning and an Ability that can be also found on a much better Pokemon do it zero favors at all). Between Hydreigon and Tyranitar, I'd say the former has better synergy with the current format, but if you really only have a 1-1-6 line it's not going to do much good, so I'll suggest just playing Tyranitar instead (if anything, 160HP means he can survive a Brave Fire or Strong Volt without a PlusPower).


As for Catcher being overpowered? Wouldn't you rather lock in a Pokemon that can't do anything to you while using Darkness Howl than be blasted every turn by an active Zekrom or Terrakion? Unless you're playing something where everything has less than 100HP, Catcher's effect is godly when paired with Tyranitar.


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