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Whacha Runnin? (deck wise)


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Yes but does it really matter... u still play Pokemon today with decks so the topic is still relevant.



True. But the decks on the first couple of pges are outdated, and they especially will when the Massacre of Tornadus EX come along.


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Then we can talk about decks we'll use once those come out instead, can't we?


Anyway, right now I'm devising a deck that I call the "Chandualure" deck, which uses both versions of Chandelure to spread damage like crazy. If you're lucky, you can use NV's Cursed Shadow to spread some degree of damage, then play ND's Flame Burst and possibly KO 3 Pokemon in one turn. Works well against all those dang Tynamos and Celebis everyone plays nowadays.


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I tested some variants like that with Chandelures:






Chandelure P-Dodrio


Chandelure P-Dodrio-Cincinno


Chandelure P-Dodrio-Gengar Prime


Chandelure P-Dodrio-Vilepume


Chandelure P-Dodrio-Bliss Prime-Vilepume


Both Chandelure-Dodrio


Both Chandelure-Dodrio-Ninetales


Both Chandelure-Dodrio-Vilepume


Both Chandelure-Dodrio-Ninetales-Vileplume


Chandelure Fire-Ninetales


Chandelure Fire-Ninetales-Vileplume


Mew Prime-Chandelure Fire [Mew Tech]






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The Chandelure combinations I've tried/intend to try are thus:


1) Chandilluxe (Chandelure NV/ND, Vanilluxe ND, Mewtwo)


Use Vanilluxe's Ability to allow you to switch between Pokemon, and use Mewtwo to pick off the weakened Pokemon.


2) Spreadopolis (Chandelure NV/ND, Kyurem, Dodrio, Bronzong ND, Darkrai & Cresselia Legend)


This deck additionally utilizes Kyurem's Glaciate and DCL's Moon's Invite to spread damage even more dramatically. Bronzong then also prevents them from healing the damage off, so you can force them to keep the damage on all their Pokemon. If you're lucky, you could spread enough damage to get the equivalent of 3 or 4 KOs with Moon's Invite (or more; I got 5 prizes by KOing 2 Zekrom EXs and a Smeargle once).


3) Chandeeveelutions (Chandelure NV, Gardevoir, Leafeon, Espeon Prime)


This deck is intended to allow Chandelure NV to be able to actually attack as well as spread damage. Combined with Leafeon and Espeon Prime to capitalize on Special Conditions. This deck would be a lot better if Blend Energy was available, though.


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